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an urgent request

An Urgent Request

Hello and goodbye,

flour, vegetables, coffee

and orange juice.

A body, a soul, thoughts,

a moment of freedom.

Words I am so jealous of your words.

I would like to buy some Polish grammar.

All of it.

I would like to buy a reusable bag

for the case endings.

Please segregate the genitive

from the dative well.

If war were to break out tomorrow

which of the neighbours would kill us?

How do they all know what to do?

How do my friends walk around

with all they know and feel?

Why  won't they talk to each other?

It's just a question of words -

the wrong ones got delivered.

They don't fit.

We fear our words say

something about us

instead of using those damned words to speak.

We gravitate irresistably

towards the passive.

Mostly women.

I am furious.

Deliver those words please,

I cannot wait any longer.

I need not only the perfect

and imperfect verbs

and each separate verb-concept

but a precise dividing line

between them.

I know that will be more expensive.

I am prepared to pay postage.

Yes, the country I live in

really exists.

It is called where-I-am-now

or, for short, my name.

It's even in Europe.

So, you see, it won't cost so much.

This document will certainly

even be translated.

I know exactly where I am.

You understand?

First you have to give me the words!

I'm leaning over the desk now

and my hair is falling over the forms

and I'm sweating.

Yes, I need prepositions too.

And the cases to which they attach.

I need those little joining wires.

Several thousand of them.

They'll be cheaper if I buy them

all at once.

I don't need poetry.

I already have a body.

Just give me the words.

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