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commissions - i paint your world

would you like to see your own journey, ideas and desires on the walls of your home? 

to see peace, above your desk? or the colour of your soul on the bathroom wall?

whatever space in your house needs an energy-lift, whatever size or shape it might be, and whatever you want to express - let's go for it!

Painting Copy 004.jpg

fresh, secret, dark, wild, new start, sunshiny, falling, loss, laughter, spacious, spring, tangled up, longing, essence of red...

just send me some words, themes, thoughts or feelings you would like to see in paint... and we will discuss the process, cost, size, and any questions you have.


i can swiftly produce acrylic/mixed media or ink paintings of any size, to fit your space. on canvas or high quality watercolour paper.




" Sarah captured the sense of my words and feelings I desired for my painting beautifully and perfectly. 

It is a window into the past, present and future. I feel calm and energised by it.

I am lucky and grateful to own this stunning art work. Thank you Sarah"  A


Sarah's painting encapsulates my journey towards self - acceptance, love and healing.

The essence of the painting has its origins in a womb - dark, mysterious, sometimes unforgiving and enchanting. The beginning of a life with the wonders and pressures - to be... to be all that you expect... at last I am free - to breathe and wonder with someone whose spirit reconciles me with the sun.

At last, there is peace and hope of a new horizon from the belly of my being... bringing hope... shine on.

Hope this in some small way, conveys my appreciation - thank you, Sarah.    L


“ My daughter Ann and myself firstly attended a group art class with Sarah which my daughter found extremely beneficial as she had been suffering from a recent bout of mental illness. Ann’s medical consultant was supportive about the benefits of art therapy and Sarah kindly arranged some individual art sessions which were very well received.

My daughter asked Sarah if she might be prepared to commission a painting as we had both been impressed by her imagery and art work.Sarah kindly agreed and asked Ann to provide a short list of thoughts and phrases to describe her feelings together with the colours which she felt might best resonate from the painting.

When I collected the beautiful painting Sarah was keen to understand if it provoked a response from my daughter. When I presented the painting to Ann she studied it carefully and smiling she announced “I really get it ! “ which is the ultimate accolade to what Sarah had achieved. Sarah is without doubt a talented artist but intrinsically there is so much more to the personal nature of the art she creates”. John

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