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if I could open a window into the sky

and walk right through it...

The Preponderance of the Great is a poem I wrote that dialogues and dances with Hexagram 28 of the ancient oracle the I Ching. It has just appeared in The Cider Press Review!

The Preponderance of the Great is a moment when there's too much energy and force in nature, the moment in the cycle when there is so much abundance that collapse is imminent, out of which, after a period of flatness, stillness, the next cycle will arise and the energy build again.

These cycles take place in every dimension, on every scale of life. Sometimes they happen within the fluctuations of energy in a single moment. Sometimes the cycle takes years. Abundance isn't always a good thing. Do you think, right now, that there's too much pressure from all sides, absurd levels of violence and cruelty, that the people who are not being killed or starved right now are suffering under the very force of all that they have, with a simultaneous counterforce of powerlessness?

Many of us, all piled up together.

If I could open a window in the sky, now, I would let some people out, and maybe kick some other people out, to make room for those who want to stay.

This is a moment, trapped like water in an iced-over puddle that asks for release.

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