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gauze and shopping lists - in AGNI online

last year, i was quite heavily involved in collecting money for humanitarian help for people in ukraine, through the terrealuma retreat centre i am involved with in south eastern poland. it led me into some absurd situations, or situations in which the absurdity of life as we're living it became nakedly apparent.

and absurdity not as an aesthetic effect, a pleasurably sharp intake of breath, but as a gut wrenching paradox.

how is it even possible for us to be shopping in the early spring sun, where a certain distance away, extremely close given how small our planet actually is when seen in scale, people are killing each other on purpose, people are ordering tanks and guns, people are held in the clutches of a terror that it does not seem possible to stop.

i wrote a couple of poems about this that were published by AGNI online.

click here and then here to read them.

you can keep up with the humanitarian efforts and still donate over at the terrealuma blog.

thank you!

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