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privacy policy

personal information we may collect

* names and email addresses when signing up for the newsletter. you provide this information yourself, hence we take it as affirmative consent.

* when you contact me using the contact form, we also receive your contact details.

* when you buy from the shop, we receive your billing information. this is handled by paypal, whose privacy policy you can read here

we send no marketing emails and will contact you in no other way, shape or form apart from sending newsletters if you subscribe, providing information which you request, and correspondence regarding purchases.

other types of data we may collect

*cookies - we use to provide our website, and they use standard cookies. there is information on the cookies  involved and a choice to disable them at the bottom of each page.

*analytics - we do not use google analytics or any other form of monitoring our visitors. the only exception to this is the collection by wix, who also provide our newsletter service, of click through and opening rates.

wix's privacy policy can be read here.

third parties

we do not pass on mailing lists or addresses of any of our subscribers or people who contact us to anybody at all.

data retention

you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking on unsubscribe at the bottom of any newsletter. you will be deleted from the system. information about paypal transactions remains on their system according to their own policy.

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